Premier Oscar Schmidt Autoharpist, singer and Colorado folk legend Roz Brown has built a mighty impressive career as a captivating entertainer and recording artist performing and recording classic folk music on his own terms for over forty-five years.

Born June 19, 1937 in Madison Wisconsin Roz started his musical career in the 5th grade when his dad bought him his first trumpet. He played in school bands through high school and continued playing in Navy bands.

In 1975 Roz’ life took another unexpected change after he went to work as an electronics technician at Cobe Laboratories in Lakewood Colorado
“The folk music of the ‘60's had always stirred something deep in my soul says Roz. I was already hitting folk music clubs and festivals most every weekend when I happened to catch a life changing performance by Autoharp Master Bryan Bowers at the Oxford Hotel Cruise Room.

Bryan and I ended up hanging out after the concert till the wee hours and shortly afterwards I bought my first two Autoharps from him and early on I found I could actually connect with a lot of the folk songs I loved on those Autoharps and At ’81 Roz shows no signs of slowing down. In 2011 he released a new CD produced by his son, Memphis/Nashville keyboardist and producer Paul Brown titled; A Cowboy and his Sweetheart.
Inspired by his sweetheart Barbara, A Cowboy and his Sweetheart is a stellar collection of romantic love songs, many of which were originally recorded by Country legend Don Williams.“I’ve been listening to these songs over and over since the 1970’s when Don Williams recorded many of them, Says Roz. So it’s been a great joy to finally record my own versions of them.”

As an active Colorado mountain rescue volunteer with Alpine Rescue Team based in Evergreen Colorado and a volunteer ranch hand for his Colorado sweetheart Roz still performs a staggering 200+ dates a year and tirelessly gives back through his music by making retirement and nursing homes a part of his regular touring schedule.

“Not long after I bought those first two Autoharps from Bryan, explains Roz, I ended up in the hospital to have knee surgery. Seeing how lonely a place like that could be I told myself that once I recovered I’d go back to hospitals and nursing homes to entertain every chance I got to help people take their mind off of whatever pains, illness or lonely times they may be going through.”

Also a significant part on Roz’s regular touring schedule is the historic Buckhorn Exchange Restaurant in Denver, CO where Roz has been entertaining for 37 years now.
The Autoharp has played a major part
in my life since I first started playing it
in 1975. The folk music of the 1960's had stirred something in my soul and so
began my career as a folk musician. I found I could actually play a lot of the folk songs I liked on the Autoharp and accompany my singing. I was not a
skilled singer or autoharpist but I was persistent in becoming proficient. I volunteered to play in hospitals and nursing homes and found that folks really enjoyed my music. They did not seem
to care if I forgot some words or played
a wrong chord on the autoharp. I gained my confidence and started getting paid for my programs. Through the years I have managed to memorize over 400 songs and build my skills as an entertainer. I have developed a wide variety of folk songs and can always find just the right mixture of songs for most types of programs.